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April 05 2018

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Components of an Irrigation Maintenance Service

An irrigation system is of great help to many property owners. They don't have the time to water the lawn as needed, and the system handles this task on their behalf. However, to function properly, the system needs to be regularly maintained. If the system develops one or more problems, the landscape may not receive enough water or it may receive too much. This defeats the entire point of having the system installed, thus maintenance is essential. What should an irrigation system maintenance provider do during this visit? What tasks are essential parts of the visit and why?

Water Pressure

Every maintenance visit by an irrigation installation Lakeland provider should include a test of the system's water pressure. When the water pressure is below the desired level, the sprinkler heads may not rotate properly or rise as they should to water the lawn. This leads to the landscape being overwatered in certain areas and underwatered in others. In contrast, high water pressure can interfere with the sprinkler heads. leading to a mist or fog instead of the normal water spray. This also prevents the landscape from being watered properly.


The irrigation repair Lakeland provider should always check the system for leaks during regular maintenance visits. Property owners often detect these problems before the provider arrives to maintain the system. They notice certain areas of the yard are greener than others or are overgrown. Damp spots in specific areas of the landscaping Lakeland are another sign the system may have a leak. However, some leaks can go undetected for an extended period of time before these symptoms are seen. The provider works to find the leaks early to save both water and money.

Other tasks may also be carried out as part of an irrigation maintenance Lakeland service. However, the above two are critical. Any company that fails to examine the system for leaks and water pressure issues isn't doing the job properly. The property owner should then call in another company to ensure the job is done right. The reason for this is any problem with the irrigation system can lead to thousands of gallons of water being lost every year. The money spent to make certain the system is operating properly will likely be less than the cost of hiring a company to check this. For this reason alone, it's always better to be safe than sorry and, if there are any concerns, call in a second provider to be sure the job was done right.

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